What is RSS?
Our RSS feed lets you keep up to date with the latest Dees Podcast without having to constantly visit our site. When we upload a new podcast, you’ll be instantly updated and provided with a link to the latest show.  

If you're already familiar with RSS, feel free to use the one below. If not, please read on.

What you’ll need to do?
Simply copy the below link into an RSS aggregator app. For Android users we recommend Feedly. For Apple or Desktop users we recommend iTunes


That’s it! When we upload a new podcast you’ll be notified instantly. Any questions? Email melbournefcpodcast@gmail.com

Instructions for iTunes users

Here's how to do it on your PC or Mac for iTunes:

The process will differ slightly for Feedly (and other aggregator apps) Again, any questions, please contact melbournefcpodcast@gmail.com