The biggest podcast in the history of Melbourne football club podcasts is nearly here. And we're pumped. Majorly pumped. Like James Harmes after a goal from the boundary pumped.

Slavs has taken the unprecedented step of moving his wedding back a few months. His fiance is furious and now living at her Mum's. He regrets nothing.

Glove has been working away tirelessly at the gym. His personal trainer said he might even get to put weights on the barbell next time. He's pretty chuffed.

To get the Ox on is a big deal. He was our childhood hero, alongside Dolph Lundgren and Donatello from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We can't wait to hear what the big man has to say.

Jeff White brought instant success to the Dees when he crossed over from Clive Waterhouse's team. He carved out a wonderful career - it'll be a pleasure chatting with the number 34.

Our mystery guest has been revealed and is none other than Mike Sheahan's protegee Titus O'Reily. He'll bring lols and much admiration for his fave player Clayton Oliver. 

You might even say he's got the 'Titus' touch (sorry about that).

Please note this episode is on a THURSDAY night - NOT Tuesday. It takes place on the first day of Spring - Thursday September 1 at 9PM. We thought we'd go head to head against the Footy Show because, well, no-one really watches that anymore.

It's still a few weeks away so if you feel like checking out an old ep, you can do so below.

While we're here, feel free to check out our sponsor Music Junction. They have two locations in Blackburn and Camberwell. Tim and Tony are wonderful fellas and were a driving force in Sting's solo career.

See you on Thursday!

With fondness,
Slavs and Glove