Shaun Smith is our special guest for next week’s ‘A Melbourne Demons Podcast’.

The ex-Dees jack-in-the-box and wiry silver fox was an explosive asset for the Dees, carving out an unlimited set of highlights few could match.

‘That’ mark aside, Smith was also a terrific goalkicker who ably added to the forward sizzle of Lyon, Schwarz and Farmer. He landed half a ton of snags in ’95 and proved his versatility by once holding fellow cloudtoucher Gary Ablett Snr goalless.

And, let’s face it, few have pulled off the salt and pepper look better before or since.

If you’ve got any questions you’d like to ask the great man, send through a tweet, comment below, or pop a post on FB and we’ll certainly do our best.

Go Dees!
Sam and Paul

p.s. feel free to check out below our chat with last week's guest, Clint Bizzell.