We’re mighty pumped to chat with the man known as the ‘Biz’.

The smooth moving swingman was a prominent figure during the Daniher era, blessed with the flexibility to impact a game at both ends of the 'G.

Having crossed over from the Cats (where Gary Hocking famously declared him the next G Ablett – no pressure or anything Buddah), Clint proved a fan favourite, not least of all amongst our female supporters.

The aptly nicknamed 'Biz' proved equally adept off the field, transferring his talents into showbiz with spots in Neighbours and Dees Podcast favourite City Homicide.

He now hosts Places We Go with wife Jennifer, which is about to embark on a sixth season.

If you’ve got any questions you’d like to ask the great man, send through a tweet, comment below, or pop a post on FB and we’ll certainly do our best.

Go Dees!

Sam and Paul